This is a blog by Hani Morsi, a PhD candidate working within the Power and hanimorsiPopular Politics and Digital Development clusters at the Institute of Development Studies at University of Sussex, UK.


Hani’s research focuses on the implications of emerging Information and Communication Technologies on collective action and political activism in restrictive environments, and how network-mediated communication influences the construction of knowledge and identity in a sociopolitical context marked by continued and often violent political contention beyond an act of popular uprising. In 2012 and 2013, during a time of tumultuous political events, Hani conducted extensive fieldwork in Egypt, where he employed a mix of conventional and new digital methods to study current practices of network-mediated activism, specifically how individuals and movements co-construct political knowledge online, and how ’networked activism’ influences collective action.

Research Interests:

The implications of the Internet and digital social media on contentious politics, democracy and governance
ICTs and participatory culture
Cyber-dissent, technologically-catalysed collective action
Virtual communities
Networked social movements
ICTs for empowerment and accountability
Digital ethnographic methods
Open knowledge and open technologies
Peer-to-peer and collaborative cultures

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